W5YI-SAPPORO Team FCC Amateur Radio License Examination

Some Photos


Sep 5-6,2015 Hamfier of Hokkaido was held in Sapporo


JA8VE Mr.saito was reporting his DX vacation after the EXAM

◎The 28th Exam in Sapporo finished on Nov 22 ,2014

◎The 25th Exam in Sapporo finished on Mar 16 , 2014

 We held a meeting after exam with JA8VE OM.

◎HAM RADIO FORUM in 2014 Sapporo held on Feb 16 , 2014 ]


◎The 11th Exam in Sapporo was on Jan 22 , 2011


     He was explaining about a big Form 605 that he made

  There was a lot of snow at outside of The Sapporo Radio Hall

◎The 10th Exam by Sapporo VE Team at The Sapporo Radio Hall 

                             A Team for CSCE

                         Checking on answer sheets

◎The eighth EXAM by SAPPORO VE in Sapporo on 03/06/10

Three VE Markers

Three VEs in front of desk are checking NCVEC Form 605


Sapporo CVE in the room

◎The seventh EXAM by SAPPORO VE in Sapporo on 12/6/09



◎The sixth EXAM by SAPPORO VE in Sapporo on 9/5/09

He’s working hard in the backside

 We always talk about HamRadio with some beer,After Exam on 9/5/09

◎The fifth EXAM by SAPPORO VE in Hakodate on 6/14/09


At Hakodate station on 6/13/09 


At KoKo restaurant near Hakodate St on 6/13/09


◎After fourth Exam by Sapporo VE Team on 3/8/09

◎The third Exam by Sapporo VE Team on 12/7/08



◎THE Second Exam by Sapporo VE Team on 9/27/08


◎The First Exam by Sapporo VE Team on 6/29/08





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